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If you want your event to go off with a bang and be the one everyone remembers this year, then perhaps hiring like music to your event would be the perfect solution. Over the years we have seen a huge rise in the number of bands booked as opposed to the usual mobile disco pop music. We have over 400 bands on our books that can include everything from the classic ballroom dancing to the hard Rock impression artists liking cover any music and get your crowds jumping.

Please note that number of our bands can include backing dancers and vocal singers and that sometimes space can become an issue for smaller gatherings or parties. Whatever you decide and whatever your taste in music , genre or average age of your attendees blazing fiddles can offer you some of the most competitive and often discounted rates within the event industry.

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one thing that is new for 2014 is our bands can even sing songs that are composed by the party organisers themselves, a number of bands can also offer a number of karaoke sidelines, which can be a wonderful way to getting your partygoers involved in both the music in the event.

How do I choose the right band

Before you choose any band we send a number of tracks that the band is either written and performed themselves or that the band is covered. We also offer a number of videos and photographs for you to choose from. All bands are hired for either the half day which includes an evening or for the full day for those longer events. Please note it is also advisable to have some backing music is even bands need breaks during longer performances.

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